A sentence fragment that is often believed to be grammatically incorrect, but is actually completely correct. The word learn is actually rooted in the Old English verb læran, meaning "to teach", and can be used transitively in this manner, e.g. "I'm going to learn you a lesson."
"I'm going to learn you a lesson."
"She learned him how to skate."
"He learned him how to fish."
by Canilope September 24, 2013
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VERY POOR Junky English. The author/s need the Grammar Bammer to Hammer Correct Grammar into them...

It should be Teach or Taught; and It was in My Day.
You call that winning at Gotham City Project?
Gimme that controller and I'll TEACH YOU A LESSON!

Learn you a lesson? That's shabby, poor and utterly bad english! Learn some, before I teach you some!
by J. Michael Reiter March 25, 2006
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(That will learn you)

Making it clear to another person that you've made a mistake and that you should have known better.
Joe: I can't believe she cheated on me again.

Moe: That'll learn you.
by CG-PTY April 1, 2009
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Verb. Common language mistake made amongst Afrikaans-speaking people. Used comically by GTA players in the RSA Mafia community, communicating via mics when having to instruct, direct or demonstrate certain objectives.
Gamer 1: "I can't get into the Zancudo Military Base without getting shot to shit."
Gamer 2: "Its not that hard. I will learn you how."
by Professor KnowItAll December 15, 2014
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1.verb: to show someone (or thing) that they are wrong or that they do poorly in reference to a specific field through punishment or humiliation
"you think you're good at video games? give me that controller and i'll learn you a lesson!"

"the steelers learned the seahawks a lesson."

by bryon lasagna March 11, 2006
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i'm sorry, i don't usually pick faults with grammar as grammar rules can sometimes be too picky but i'm afraid the phrase is 'teach you a lesson' not 'learn you a lesson'. that's why a teacher teaches, and a pupil learn.

teach you a lesson is usually used as a threat indicating impending violence.
jimmy: yo mama is so ugly, she turns people's stomachs!

phil: you son of a bitch! i'm going to teach you a lesson!

(this phrase should be teach you a lesson and not learn you a lesson.)
by lotty3k April 1, 2006
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Also related to the absurd patriarchal plea for control. "You must learn lessons, this is why I'm teaching you." Infamously responsible for closing the spiritually liberating "third eye." The phrase, "learn you a lesson," seems to be an unconscious, funny way amongst friends to remind one another how much it sucks to be taught by force. It's amazing how the mind never lets us forget until we forgive.
by Brian Kaczmarek March 25, 2006
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