A southern way, for one to tell another to observe what they are doing and try and retain some of the information to help improve their current situation or to later share with others.
A - Man that girl keeps starring at me.
B - Dude go talk to her!
A - I don't know what to say.
B - Here let me learn you something. Excuse me miss, nice shoes. Want to give me a bj?
by Trickle Motorsports October 21, 2014
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What your parents say when something shitty happens to you.
Me: dammit I couldn't get in line on time because you guys took too long to get ready.

Parents: sorry honey : '(
Me: now I won't get the brand new Britney Spears MILF edition sex doll!

Parents: you live and you learn !
by Omega_College_Dog December 28, 2016
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A phrase used to express shame for a bad decision, bad action, or a bad call.
the phrase can be used with a noun inserted.
"did you see my new girlfriend? she's pretty hot."
"let's check her out on HotorNot.com.... 5.2?! burn didn't you learn."

"jason lezak caught them? burn didn't france learn."
by discostrangler August 27, 2008
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Self explanatory. Often used when you are struck by something painfully obvious, but you never noticed.
Milo, did you know that if you redline your Benz too long the ECU shuts down the gas flow to the injectors?

Redline? MY Benz? Awww... Well, You Learn Something Every Day...
by SeW hat July 20, 2008
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Another 4chan originated phrase. Basically means exactly what it says.
Happy birthday, hope you learn to crowds
by AnonymousAnonymousAnonymousAno September 12, 2009
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A phrase that big daddy uses to shame other youtubers after they've made a mistake
John: Oh no!! My Twitch account was suspended :(

Big Daddy: That'll learn you.
by whimmy March 13, 2021
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