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Lavall is sweet and impressive. He's tough, handsome, and very athletic. He is kind and a good listener. But don't take his kindness for granted because it will come back at you. Lavall is a very loving and strong soul that never gives up. He can find the positive in every situation. And don't worry ladies, he's not the player type. He's kind of shy so don't take advantage of him. He has a big heart and will always treat a woman right. He compassionate, trustworthy, faithful and committed. He would never hurt any one and if he does it's to protect the one he loves. Lavall is a great friend and you'll miss a big part of your life you you don't have him in it.
Girl number 1."Hey girl! Have you met Lavall?"
Girl number 2."No but he just sounds like he's the one for me!"
Girl number 3."I'm sorry ladies but that lightskin chick over there has him taken!"
by Nessa_Nilla October 06, 2013
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