Zakirs can be super attractive but they can also expect a lot from others and get easily annoyed but when they’re in a good mood hanging out with them is a blast,don’t give them the aux cord as they listen to sad songs 24/7 and can find a negative outlook on the happiest things
zakir is chill zakir is so hot I wanna be friends with zakir
by toolazyidk2728 January 22, 2020
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Zakirs usually act/talk too mature for their actual age and usually don’t like talking to people who give them anxiety their music taste is dope as fuck and they’re super sexy😍😍😍
Zakir makes me so hornnyyyy
by toolazyidk2728 September 17, 2019
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This is a name which is quite common with muslim people, it means that a Zakir is a very beautiful and sexy human being. He is known as one of the henno gods.
Wow look at that hench over there, he must definately be a Zakir
by TheBigMon December 1, 2016
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Rooted from the Persian word 'kira' which describes a man or woman who is provisionally late to occasions, gatherings, or meetings and often defaults on promises. The more modern Arabic word Zakir describes people who are traditionally drivers of vehicles in Arabia and are rarely on time.

Zakir also describes a man who worships his teacher to the fullest and in the story, 'Zakir and Sudheesh' he even falls in love with his governess.
If I were any more fond of my teacher I'd be named Zakir
by E. Ekwals Emmsey Squire July 15, 2010
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He Has 2 friends nemed eten and rutfod and need to come to lunch
Zakir Where are you, its lunch time!
Zakir is bad
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A person who loves apple more than his life, extremely spoiled little brat.
He loves apple!
Must be a Zakir
by LITTLEFAG!101 February 20, 2020
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