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Laughing at you.
both letters of "at" are included to make it more of a pronouncable such as "lawl" to "lol"
"I just pooped my pants..."
"I'm latu soO0OoO0Oo hard rite now! LATU! LATU!"
by Rob Goblin August 17, 2006
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Latu an unusal girl

which is always up for a laugh

enjoys giving gobbies daily!!!
has obsessions with using quotes from movies in everyday life. "I know that fagel!, I KNOW THAT."
Is easly influenced by rebelious people but usal is quite good!!
doesnt care what others think

whos that fagel?
thats latu!!
she gives a good fuck
by fagel horny devil June 15, 2009
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someone with an enormousley large chin.
it may resemble an ornamental pharos bear but however, this abnormally long beard is actually the persons chin.
person 1: "you just hit me in the face with your chin."
latu: "sorry bro."
person 1: "::cough:: latu"
by pharo chin November 12, 2006
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To Latu someone is to kinghit them in the face, usually a girl.
yous a player
shutup bitch dont make me latu you
by Piero June 21, 2006
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