Mike: Better use my lator for this problem.
by TheDopestofThemAll November 6, 2013
to say 'see ya later' or 'talk to you later' in a fun cute rhyming manner.

originally spelled 'later gator' the old-skool term from 'see ya later alligator' 'after while crocodile'..... but when term is shortened to 'later gator' its forever changed to new-age slang using new-age spelling....... 'lator gator'
ex: the show starts @ 8pm! lator gator
by the lamest person you know September 15, 2009
A piece of forensic equipment or forensics software used in procedural dramas that does not exist in the real world. Often used to solve a crime when the writers aren't intelligent or creative enough to have the characters use real world crime solving techniques.
Did you see "Bones" last night? They put a fragment of wrist bone in the Crime-a-lator to create a full facial reconstruction of the victim.
by gehern October 23, 2008
The 'person' who always says to how You should be to Live! And claims there's only one Way! Hims ones.
- Look out! The Humanslator is coming!
- Let's get outta here.
by proJektdariusz2D May 3, 2018