Mike: Better use my lator for this problem.
by TheDopestofThemAll November 6, 2013
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to say 'see ya later' or 'talk to you later' in a fun cute rhyming manner.

originally spelled 'later gator' the old-skool term from 'see ya later alligator' 'after while crocodile'..... but when term is shortened to 'later gator' its forever changed to new-age slang using new-age spelling....... 'lator gator'
ex: the show starts @ 8pm! lator gator
by the lamest person you know September 15, 2009
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A piece of forensic equipment or forensics software used in procedural dramas that does not exist in the real world. Often used to solve a crime when the writers aren't intelligent or creative enough to have the characters use real world crime solving techniques.
Did you see "Bones" last night? They put a fragment of wrist bone in the Crime-a-lator to create a full facial reconstruction of the victim.
by gehern October 23, 2008
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The 'person' who always says to how You should be to Live! And claims there's only one Way! Hims ones.
- Look out! The Humanslator is coming!
- Let's get outta here.
by proJektdariusz2D May 3, 2018
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