1) Suck my largess.
2) I'm tired of doing the dirt, my largess is hurting.
3) It's so cold, my largess is going to fall off.
by Ranish April 10, 2008
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The Kumasi Largesse or Kumasi Surprise is a sexual activity involving the popular geography browser game "Geoguessr". While the receiver plays the map "A Diverse World" without undergarments, the giver sneaks under the table and starts oral sex.
Famous TikToker sunkencity64 claims to have received a Kumasi Largesse in the summer, without much evidence.
by teaenjoyer2008 June 16, 2021
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luxury realm acts, activities or endeavors done in the name of charity, especially those done, as luxury-seeking activists claim, to “raise awareness” of selected charities or maladies, most especially where there is no direct contact or financial gain for the recipient
The billionaire's daughter took an around-the-world cruise to raise awareness of poverty stricken children in her home town, a prime example of trickle-down largesse.
by ka the wordsmith September 19, 2015
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