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Laquanda is a name tipically used for a ghetto, strong black women. Also, people who normally have names like laqueena, laquanda or Shaniqua are normally very loud, have weaves and are sassy, which can be a good thing.
"yo Laquanda, if you dont calm yourself, I will snatch yo weave out, staple it back in and snatchit back out again"

"Hey Laquanda, you goin' to the Quandicon, Quandishiqua and I are going"
by WhIpDaTwEaVeCaYlEnNopOrN December 04, 2013
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Usually a black woman. Strong , ambitious, and very opinionated. She holds her own and does seek validation from other. Beautiful and welcoming spirit!
LaQuanda is set to graduate college in May.
by QueenQuana January 15, 2017
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LaQuanda is a very kind, beautiful, ambitious, wonderful, kindhearted person who will never let you down. She is always there for you when you need her and is an amazing friend. LaQuanda’s are very special, so if you have a LaQuanda make sure to not let her go. She is very funny and an overall great person/friend/girlfriend/
Wow! I’m so glad that I met LaQuanda, she is so amazing!
by Dreamguy21 May 29, 2018
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