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Verb: When a dancer grinds on you and makes you cum in your pants during a lap dance.
"You can go to Candybar and get a lap job"
by Shane McGehee June 12, 2008
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This is generally performed by a maiden for a gentleman, however, roles may be reversed. Similar to a lap dance, a woman jives on a man's lap. Here's the catch--the small difference is that the job giver and receiver are naked. #pantsless #pleasurable #crotchsaddle
Alone and naked, Gerald and June got hot and bothered while listening to Jack Johnson. June mounted Gerald as he asked her for a lap job. Five minutes later, the neighbors know her name.
by Shlong2.0 January 05, 2013
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Often mistaken by "Lapdance" for some people, lapjob is getting a girl to beat you in the penis with a laptop.
"Dude i just got a lapjob, it hurt like a bitch."
by Foosili October 17, 2008
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Oral sex perfomed on a woman.
I gave Jane a lap job, and boy did she like it.
by Steve January 15, 2005
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