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a girl spreads her arms acros a wall thrusting her ass in the opposite direction, while a guy in the other end of the room has his arms above his head, in the shape of a shark fin, humming the "jaws" theme song. Then as fast as he can he sprints to the other end of the room and pelvic thrusts his dick into her ass, hoping he doesn't miss.
special fetures in 40 year old virgin. "land sharking"
by Jake Erenstoft August 15, 2006
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The practice of approaching one's ladyfriend at speed, leaning forward with hands together on one's head as a shark fin, ending with the insertion of this fin into her front bottom.
Jane: Hey Amy, how was the film last night?

Amy: Not bad. I guessed the ending. Tell you what though, Rob gave me a good old landsharking when I got home.

Jane: What a toerag!
by neil thomas April 14, 2007
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