A system that links together electronic office equipment, such as computers and word processors, and forms a network within an office or building.
Most colleges are on a LAN.
by illEATurHARTout April 12, 2004
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He is the the strongest guy with better six pack then argjent. Hes biceps are bigger then mount everest. In the future he wants to be homosexual. Again the most strongest guy.
The name usualy from slovenia. Every man named lan is strong.
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by Tvoja mama December 31, 2018
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A super tall, beautiful girl. Basically a goddess. Early bloomer with a like for K-POP and music in general. Can be shy, but isn’t afraid to speak her mouth if you talk shit about her. Will it you with a comeback if necessary. Comes from an Asian family of literal goddesses. Overall a beautiful woman
Lan is so pretty! She is a goddess.

Did you hear Lan roast (name)?
by xxXL0YALTYXx_x June 22, 2019
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A total bitch who eats everyone's potatoes and never ever shares. He has fat hand feet and you sometimes see him and his best friend on TV commercials and Music channels.
Hey ! Lan is on TV eating the potatoes he stole from me !
by Handy and Bob.shit January 13, 2018
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lan is a pretty 'cool' dude who plays video games a lot. he says he's "evil" but younger kids like him so he cant be that bad?? he isn't awkward at all and he always knows what to say. people always mistakes him for albertsstuff (a ROBLOX youtuber). he swears a whole bunch and eats a *lot*. he likes to annoy others and hang out with middle schoolers
by koothroon January 02, 2018
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