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a retard, likely from inbred origin
Bob was being a lampe when he drove his car into a telephone pole
by sir rod July 06, 2010
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A fucking asshole that is gay with a lot of people his favorite sexual position is usually 69 because he likes blowies usually with the first name ben
Damit I’m a lampe again
by Koby is an ass September 14, 2018
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Another name for a large family. Usually Lampe families are associated with the Eastern sea board and they are typically mostly male. Lampe family girls are considered unattainable.
"Wow look at all those people over there."
"What a Lampe family reunion"
by CheesePlease September 04, 2012
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The name Lampe is very North German. In Old French, it is an occupational name for someone who cast metal lamps and candlesticks. In Slovenian it is a nickname from medieval personal names Lampret or Lampreht. Also nicknames is German Lamprecht, Latin Lambertus (see Lambert).

A Lampe has morals, shows respect, and are normally considered quite pretty when standing in a group.
"Who's that in the middle of the picture?"
"That's Phillip Lampe"
by May Davidson August 24, 2017
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