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The word is used to define a person with a very large ass which can only be compared to that of a Rhino. It is often used in conjunction with Dick prefixing it.
Gangsta One: "Hey, that's an ass of enormous proportions."
Gangsta Two: "No, that's a Lakis!"
by Mike Jones III May 08, 2006
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One of the most beautiful woman and very easy going, she is very caring of the ones she loves and are very joyful. They will laugh at anything and will say anything that comes to mind. However they can get angry and do stupid things but only for her loved ones. They can be freaky but tends to hide it from many people, she judges a lot but only to the people that put themselves out there. Overall a great supportive person and will love you forever.
"Damn everyone wants to be friends with Laki"
"Laki es muy bonita"
by sienna catcall June 12, 2018
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