Laidan is a ship name between Layla and Aidan! they are perfect for eachother! Because Laidan loves everything layla draws! #LaidanForLife
Aidan: wow Layla your painting looks great!

Layla: Thanks

Peers: Laidan is real!
by 123yyyyyyMia May 09, 2019
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Laidan is a perfect ship between Lucy and Aidan,
a ship of Two people, meant to be together.
They will flirt all day and all night.

Although they are both shy people,
they will find that they love each other eventually

Once Lucy and Aidan are united,
they will fall in love,
get married,
have children,

And build a family for themselves together,
as Laidan
"Ooo Lucy and Aidan are flirting! Laidan is happening!"
by mooimacow123 August 02, 2018
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