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a small country town right below new orleans also known for fishing, rednecks, and mosquitoes. fine ass girls and fine ass boys. anyone/everyone in this town would kick your ass, guranteed.
Bob: where do you live?
Jen: lafitte
Bob: oh, isn't that where all the fine girls and bout it dudes live?
Jen: hellz yeah
by jessikakjdsfkljdfgkl August 23, 2008
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a small fishing town in louisiana. most people are not real smart that live there. some are imbreds. the girls are especially trashing and skanky but the guys are really hot. hard to hold a conversation with someone from lafitte. they usually don't wear shoes and drink alot. they do a lot of drugs there. usually have kids of their own by the age of 16. they have a tendancy to steal or vandelize. Guys from there are very jealous and possessive, like to drive big trucks
You are not going to that party. There will be too many Lafitte people there.
by hahahaha1 August 05, 2008
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small city near New Orleans, Louisiana. Full of drunks and trashy people. Not much crime because everyone there is too dumb. The girls are loose and the boys are ugly. Redneck cajun coonass country.
Did you see that girl, she was hot!
Hell no she wasn't, she's from Lafitte.
Oh. Never mind!
by nonymoose161 April 28, 2011
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