1) Your Big Toe.
2) The largest and innermost toe of the human foot.
3) The innermost and largest digit of the foot called also great toe.
4) The first largest innermost toe
1) You have one sexy laffy taffy, especially when you paint the nail red.
2) Shake your laffy taffy.
by Diana Picchi November 20, 2005
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A type of girl with a personality comparable to 'laffy taffy' candy. This particular type of girl comes wrapped up very prettily with bright packaging that yells 'pick me, pick me!' However, she is mass produced and found everywhere. She is nice and sweet and fun to be with for a while, but, as with laffy taffy candy, the goodness is gone all too quickly and you are left with nothing but a brightly colored empty wrapper.
Example 1:
Jenifer: My brother brought home another laffy taffy again last night. When will he learn?

Example 2:
Kendra: Did you see his new girlfriend? she's such a laffy taffy.

Example 3:
Alex: Damn, look at that laffy taffy! She's hot!

Aaron: If you say so, man. I prefer girls with a real personality.
by wolfstarlover July 02, 2010
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a male's penis. Laffy taffy is long and hard and by a girl keeping it hard makes it a laffy taffy. The song :"Girl shake that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy..."
This girl sucked my laffy taffy.
by court253 November 04, 2007
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