noun. A place of great interest to many horticulturalists, but ironically not uphill gardeners. Coloquially used to describe an overgrown patch which has been in need of a good digging over for some while.
An unkempt protective layer of hair covering the pubic mound on a woman's body. Terry Waite's allotment
"I think it's about time your ladygarden was sorted again. I just caught Spurt Reynolds in your hedge when I attempted entering the pink palace, and he doesn't look happy to me!"
by Niall Brady February 10, 2003
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A polite term for those of us who prefer the not so dirty words. ladygarden is defined as the well cared for area before a man enters a lady cave. Note to reader: you may come across some badly tended gardens, but do not fear call 118 for your nearest salon
Martin went for a ramble in Claire's ladygarden
by Craig McCombie September 3, 2006
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Basically a slightly undercover way to call someone a cunt, or cunts (ladygardens) without using said word that disgusts so many. Used in situations or places where the C bomb cant be dropped, so amongst parents/grandparents, or on and online forum where the C word will not be tolerated.
Hey Nick look at that bunch of ladygardens over there. Alternatively hey Steve your such a ladygarden
by Dafury69 April 25, 2020
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