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i small city in central NH. a city in the lakes region. alot of fake people who think they are gangsters and rappers. also, preppies, and the druggies. have many great features. including lake winni, the largest arcade in the country..Funspot, and Weirs Beach, a huge attraction in the summer. Full of tourist.
Wow, laconia has nothing to offer to it's teens.
I know! too bad, because its so beautiful. Lets go see some more tourist.
by bigfan123 December 11, 2006
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The most beautiful city (or large town) in New Hampshire. A stone throw away from the lakes, an hour away from the mountains, fills up with tourists during the summer and winter months. And it's too far north to be a run-off of Boston like every other city in NH.
Manchester kid: Ooooooo Manch is sooooooo cultural and is the best city in NH!

Laconia kid: You've obviously never been up north to Laconia. We pronounce our r's and our city is definitely NOT a haven for trashy bostonian tax refugees.
by 603explorer February 25, 2011
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A region of far southern Greece. Here at Taenarum was supposedly an entrance to Hades. When Theseus was convinced by his friend Peirithous to attempt the ill-fated abduction of Persephone, the Queen of the Dead, the two are said to have journeyed to the Underworld by means of a cave in Laconian Taenarum.
by LoKe June 22, 2005
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