The laziest employee in the casino business, whose daily activities at the casino consists of making dealers work for more than 1.5 hrs per break, writing dealers up for not coloring guests up to the next highest color, and typing vague descriptions in or none at all for guests, often severely underestimating players’ average bets. Credited for the term “it’s all in the notes” used when it is his turn to go on break/go home so that he doesn’t have to spend an extra minute to let his replacement know what is going on his section.
Example 1)
Supervisor: “Hey, it’s your turn to go on break. Anything important I should know abou...”
Slacki Lacki: “It’s all in the notes!”

Example 2)
Dealer on break: Wtf! they let me in for 2 hours!”
Other person on break: “Who was the pit?”
Dealer on break: “Slacki Lacki!”

Example 3)
Dealer: “I just got written up for coloring $500 worth of green into a purple.”
Other Dealer: “So what’s wrong with that? And who wrote you up?”
Dealer: “Slacki lacki said we have to color up our players to the next higher color.”
by SlackiLacki April 12, 2020
1) Another name for Alec or Alex
2) Laxatives on crack
1) Lacky of al was being a dick today.
2) DDUUUDDDEE, those Lacky of Al's made my butt explode into the toliet!
by flackyinthepocch September 26, 2010
One who eats bricks with teroikee sauce
hey...... why are you eating my brick you smacky lacky!
by I'm stupid March 27, 2003
Cracky lacky is a way to call some one who is typically always high on drugs.
She's so cracky lacky she never makes any sense.
by Beija-Flor October 15, 2008
Just a rhyme and each name/word means nothing
Person 1:
Is your name Jackie Lackie or is it just for rhyme?
Person 2:
Just for rhyme :)
by Elybxtch December 25, 2020