African American Vernacular English. Acronym for “Lying Ass Cocksucker
Able: I’ll do the dishes later
Cain: Lying ass cocksucker (LACS)
by Cannibal Muhammad January 17, 2022
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Liberal Arts Colleges. Tiny private schools for people who want to be snobby, but couldn't get into any real private national universities. A prestigious public university would be better than LACs.
Williams, Swarthmore, and Amherst are all Liberal Art Colleges

Jen couldn't get into any good schools, so she has to go to one of the LACs.
by Thom Katt August 15, 2011
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LAC stands for Lame and Cool.

When referring to someone, wanting to describe them as Lame and Cool, call them a LAC
That girl is a LAC because she think's she's black!
by Sig Chick 2010 August 20, 2010
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-used to reference possession of vehicles during conversations.
man you still "flip that lac?" --"nah, I flip that benz."
by Uncle Mickey May 10, 2012
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A cadilic car covered in candy paint. Candy paint is usually a high gloss paint for cars. The term is derived from candy and lac an abreviatation for cadilac. Hence forth candy-lac
I'm posted up in the parking lot my trunk wavin'
The candy gloss is immaculate and is simply amazing
Them elbows poking wide on that candy lac - Paul Wall on the song drive slow.
by Ueorge April 6, 2006
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Did you see that fool ride thru here with that had-a-lac.
by Ty - Ty July 12, 2005
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