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She's a smart, funny and beautiful girl. She makes the best girlfriend, but is very reserved to the people she dates if she says " i love you " just know your the only one she wants. one she's with you no one else matters. Kyndel could walk into a room and all eyes would be on her. she's very active in sports and other things if you know what i mean. she knows how to make the boys go wild and how to touch them in all the right places. she's an AMAZING kisser and once you kiss her your never going to kiss anyone better than Kyndel. Kyndel is also very nice and kind but also has a kinky side.
damn kyndel's kiss last night was sexy and amazing.
damn a model and an athlete she just does it all.
by Avocado132 July 06, 2017
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A bratty girl that is most likely to fight with you, make up, then fight again. She flirts with every boy and makes a big deal out of everything.
Kyndel decided to be a brat today.
by Cheesycakes March 11, 2015
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