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Verb. To kyle.
The act of staying up really late at night doing meaningless tasks that you would'nt normally do during the day.
Or if said in a sense of "pulling a kyle", then it means the same thing as pulling an allnighter.
Person A: Wow, I pulled a huge kyle last night.
Person B: Dude, you gotta stop kyling, its killing you!
by Daviel May 01, 2008
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When everyone in life helps you in life and you don’t know any different and claim your self-made
Stop kyling, You dad gave you the business he built and didn’t have to build it yourself
by R3al1ty March 05, 2019
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Trading for the sake of trading. Commonly for little or no monetary gain. Also known as a poor mans collector
Rick just kyled a hi point for a jenning. Or. Mike just keeps kyling guns for the sake of doing it.
by hallucinogenics January 27, 2016
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The art of deading off or breaking up with a girl/boy after a brief 2-4 week period, due to boredom or lack of interest

Originating from an 18 year old dude called Kyle, with a reputation for this sorta thing
“What happened with that girl you were seeing?”
“I’ve kyled her bro she was just a boring cunt”

“Man you really need to stop Kyling people!”
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by Kylethekylinator May 28, 2018
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The Act Of Fiending/Taking scraps, roaches, small weed specs, and anything containing THC or Juul.
im Kyling ur table for some kush.
by WHole swquad February 14, 2019
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