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Kyleene is someone thats not afraid to be loud, A funny person that makes a lot of people laugh. Kyleene is very intelligent. Kyleene is someone that people love as a friend and think is amazing to be around, but Kyleene does not think that anyone likes them and they many hurt herself. When Kyleene hurts herself, it causes others to hurt herself. Kyleene is someone you can trust and will keep anyones secret. There is on person in Kyleene lifes that loves them and wants to give the world to kyleene, That person could be a girl or boy but Kyleens dont see them unless they take a min. and think about who has told her that there amazing to be around. Those people worry about Kyleene and talk about Kyleene a lot. When Kyleen hurts herself that person starts to hurt them self too. Kyleene is a wonderful person and normally has blond hair and they may dye there hair blue sometimes. If your a Kyleene your probably going through a stage were one of your friends are not talking too you, thats the someone that worry's about you, If I was a Kyleene I would text them every night thats the person that you should keep a friend forever because there willing to fight for you.
by SECRET SOMEONE October 25, 2017
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