Stupid ass druggie who killed himself. Who had a ugly ass wife, and an even uglier kid.
a fucking worthless ass drug addict who killed himself, and everyone thinks that his wife did it.
by pimp daddy dollars January 24, 2005
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1.Frontman for the grunge band, Nirvana.

2.The original emo kid.
Nirvana fan: Kurt Cobain is the best singer in the world.
Intelligent person: Come on, man. They actually started the whole emo trend. Go listen to some quality music like Cream.
by ClaptonIsGod September 19, 2010
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The seat behind the front passenger seat in a car...i.e. "behind shotgun."

1: "Shotgun!"
2: "Dammit...Kurt Cobain!"
1: "What?"
2: "Right behind you...now scoot up."
by VooDooXII April 21, 2009
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Probably the last great rock star to walk the earth. no one understood him when he was growing up. but if i were born in the 60's he would have been my best friend. its such a shame to see a great person die when they were never acknowledged for what they do until after their death.

R.I.P forever Kurt we miss you
by rosesfornever7 June 16, 2011
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Kurt Cobain was the lead singer and guitarist of the band Nirvana. Kurt Cobain was very good at writing songs. He died in 1994, only 27 years old. Some people say he committed suicide, others believe he was murdered by his wife, Courtney Love. Lots of people (mostly teenage boys) have their hair cut like him because to like Kurt Cobain is considered cool. I think this is quite sad, because apparantly Kurt was not a very cool person, and someone who I know, practically worships Kurt, and he is very cool. Everyone likes him, and he despises uncool people, such as me. I think you know who you are, Mr Richardson.
Will Richardson: Guess what
Alice Fellows: What
Will Richardson: I've got my hair cut like Kurt Cobain!
Alice: wow
Will Richardson: Yeah I know! I rule!
by Alice January 09, 2005
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Genius inventor of 'Dude Rock', a genre of heavy metal characterised by 'sensitive', quiet verses followed by a loud angry 'da da dah!!' chorus with vocals that sound like they're being sung by a pregnant hippo chewing marbles. Since made even more popular by great bands such as Nickelback.
If it wasn't for Kurt Cobain there'd be no Nickelback.
by webby2010 October 18, 2010
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