The female counterpart to the ninja. Although trained in the basics of ninjutsu, the training of the kunoichi focused on the less tangible aspects of warfare -- psychology, intuition, and manipulation. The most reliable forms of attack for the kunoichi were surprise attacks to fleshy spots or pressure points, often utilising hidden blades or ornate hairpins, or even musical instruments or sex toys that hid or could be transformed into weapons.

There are two types of kunoichi:
-A "shimma kunoichi" is a member of the ninja family, trained for her specific role. She typically worked under a kantokusha, or a commander, who usually tried to give her the impression she was his only kunoichi. Due to their highly emotionally sensitive natures, the kunoichi needed to be carefully handled so as not to fall in love with the target or lose sight of the goals.

-A "karima kunoichi" were usually hired only for a specific job, acting as a spy within the enemies walls. These women, usually maids, mistresses, or entertainers with access to the house may be purchased for the right price.
The kunoichi could often be used against the targets water-aspect need for sex, though I don't think that makes them masters of manipulation...
by Nam-shub of Enki June 9, 2006
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Ku-no-ee-chee: female ninja.

Pronounced ku-noy-chee by Narutards and wapanese.
Kamui: You're a kunoichi!
by Zhaleskra March 10, 2007
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Female ninja. Now an pop-culture stereotype who wears a really really short "kimono" (barely covers butt), a headband, and ofted is packin' several blades.
"That kunoichi might be deadly in anime or manga, but she couldn't get anything done in that costume in real life."
by Setsuna September 15, 2004
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a) the name given to female ninjas
b) what is now rumored to be a kick-butt followup to Shinobi
a) Utada Motoko is the youngest kunoichi to graduate from her school.

b) Sega is to releas a "side-story" to its successful Shinobi series, Kunoichi (dubbed Nightshade in America).
by [str33t NiNj4] January 5, 2004
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Female ninja.
"Kunoichi are one of my fetishes. ^.^ "
by Dave January 8, 2005
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Simply a female ninja. Examples of some kunoichi's from videogames would be Ayane, Kasumi and Taki. They seem to favour the kunai and wakizashi.
We was just attacked!

By ninjas?

No, kunoichi's!
by Stevie B the Bounty Hunter December 14, 2005
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