One of my all-time favorite movies. Includes such great lines as "I am a great magician. Your clothes are red!"
and "You go that way. I'll go home." And, by the way, for all you Kung Pow fanatics out there (people like me), I have heard that there is a sequel due out in February. I can't wait!
by the ladies man December 9, 2003
The best parody movie EVAR.

The best ventriliquists in a movie EVAR

I'm watching it right now. Anyone who says it sucks is retarded.
"You go that way, I'll go home"

"I've CHOSEN the large tub"

"What time is it?".. "Hammer time!"

" I swing a bit more"

"I swing a bit less"

"Beware his song about big butts, he beats you up while he plays it"

"nnnyyyyaaahhhh, tiger, tiger tiger. Bird. Birdie nyaah, birdie"
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
One of my favorite movies. The plot is simple, The Chosen One wants to avenge his family so he tries to defeat Evil Betty/Master Pain with the help of Ling, Master Tang, Whoa, Mu-Shu Fasa, and a little from Master Doe. Some people say this movie is stupid, that's the whole reason why I found it so funny.
Master Tang: (who is dying) Chosen one, do I look alright.
Chosen One: Yeah... sure.
Master Tang: On a scale of one to ten?
Chosen One: Hmmm, one.
Master Tang: Listen, and listen well. I really like the band N-Sync. My favorite member is Harpo. I think there's a Harpo. If not there should be. I will write their next hit, maybe 'A boom-boom chiky chiky boom-boom a boom-boom chiky chaka chaka cho cho' By the way, you must beware of Betty's iron claw. They are sharp, and they hurt. And beware his song about big butts, he beats up while he plays it!
the best fucking kung fu movie ever
when i went to see kung pow i peed myself laghing
by anonoymous726389 October 21, 2004
gangstaest movie ever
be where of bettys cow it's name is moon you
my nipples look like milk duds
i got yellow liquid for your popcon and it's non-dairy
by jonathan gallo November 26, 2003
A ghetto kid from ghetto brimfield .. named Kung Pow John Gau (pronounced Gow) ....
by Snoop Abuh November 30, 2003
Don't waste 90 minutes of your life watching Kung Pow because you'll be regretting it later
by GCZ November 8, 2005