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n. (from Russian) A word used as an insult and accusation by the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union, meaning a wealthy, land-owning peasant, with the connotation of being greedy and acting above one's station. It was used extensively by the Soviets to refer to the anarchist revolutionaries of the Makhnovshchina (Nestor Makhno's army) in Ukraine during the First World War.
"Release the anarchists I'm holding in prison?" replied Lenin with a laugh to Berkman and Goldman. "I have no anarchists in prison, just some worthless counterrevolutionary kulaks."
by NoJusticeNoPeace April 21, 2009
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1. A family name, surname.

2. In Russian, "Kulak" means fist.

3. In Russian and Soviet history, a Kulak was a wealthy or prosperous peasant, generally characterized as one who owned a relatively large farm, and who was financially capable of employing hired labour.
1. "It's Kulak's turn next....where is Kdog?"

2. "Watch out for her...she throws a mean left kulak"

3. "Joe's farm is doing great! He is such a kulak!"
by kdogktown February 06, 2010
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n.(from communist Russian) The word that "red patriots" aka dirty alcoholics and other red scumbag freeloaders were using in order to describe hard workers from the country side (majority were farmers), who made their fortune with their own hands. In times, when those who were calling them "kulaks" and often killing or sending them to Gulags were nothing, but a bunch of lazy bastards with a slave mentality who were making "patriotic" revolution for the money that were "wired" from German bank accounts.
- Hey man! Our family is so poor, because our dad was drinking for whole of his life. But we can set that kulak up. Remember the guy that we worked for last summer? Never mind he paid well and gave us some free vodka, as a premium. If we would turn him over to the bolsheviks we can rob much more of his stuff.
- Hell yea! I like the idea! masta stalin would be happy let's do that!
by TOKIE!!! April 21, 2009
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N, A small fat loser kid, usually in a rich school from a poor background in the south of a city.
Oh Neil, you're such a Kulak
by Dr Simon Magellan March 13, 2004
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