Someone who has had his banjo string severely snapped.
by James Bryden October 16, 2007
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banjo string snapped,
and a lot of blood.
he got krohn'd

what the dickens is krohn'd?
by darkphantom2k7 December 9, 2007
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When operational maneauvers are so inefficient and unreliable from an operations manager, it takes an entire operating cycle to repair.
This move has been krohned since last season and we are just now finding out about it and resolving the issue.
by monstermadness September 10, 2010
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Krohn's Law posits that any message broadcast on the Internet which exhorts its reader to share the message with everyone is almost certainly false.
John's post: Here's proof that Obama is a Kenyan! Share it with everyone!

Peter's comment: Krohn's Law.
by Just passin thru January 25, 2018
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