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Kristin Kreuk is so beautiful, has acting talent, and stays true to what is important to her.
by AzNbOi December 23, 2003
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proof that eurasian girls are super gorgeous-she looks and acts like a true angel from heaven-such a sweetheart
I loved Lana played by Kristin Kreuk on Smallville and in the movie Eurotrip as Scotty's ex gf
by ilovekristinkreuk July 12, 2009
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The end point in a line of the universe's own search for perfection within its vast creation, a line that included, as minor failed experiments, Jennifer Connelly and Wynona Ryder. She is a phenomenon of physics - visible proof that the cosmos itself can be torn, can make critical errors, can go too far.
Kristin Kreuk is an adorable angel sent from heaven.
by Emanresu October 02, 2007
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"A multitalented actress whose only flaw is that she's not Allison Mack"

ok who the fuck wrote that? Kristin Kreuk is the most friggin awesomely hottinger fuckin superbabeliciously awesomeful rockingly superbing finest boobalicious id-tap-that-ass-ly amazing fuck toy ever created. and wtf is up with clark? he should hurry up and fuck her. i mean he should just go superspeed, rip her clothes off, bang her like a horny dog, and then get the hell out of there. now THAT would be and interesting episode, trying to watch lana figure out what the hell just happened to her. owings mills and USA are fun to read about. wootle.
by Add is on FIRE May 06, 2005
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