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The kriddler is someone who fixes things that still work and leaves them broken. Derived from kriddled. The item that is now in worse shape than it was before is now "kriddled." A common symptom of being a "kriddler" is the false perception that microscopic, often crystalline bugs are nesting and crawling on the skin. A kriddler will often be seen carrying 5 unrelated objects together. A kriddler will often be seen wearing a flashlight on their head. A kriddler will often crawl across hotel floors at night focusing on the shadows under the door and sounds from the hall. A kriddler hired to build a shelf in your garage will more likely organize you screws, nuts, and bolts thinking he or she has done you a service. If you see a person walking a cat with a leash chances are they kriddle. Kriddlers may determine they are being tracked by secret agents via an oily film found on their car windshield.

Kriddlers are known to help you look for stuff they just stole from you. A kriddler will try to sell something shortly after they stole it from you. They will also wait to steal from you when it can be pinned on someone you like or they don't like. A kriddler will admit to somthing today and deny it tomorrow. Kriddlers often will take something without asking and leave it some place else.

Kriddlers are often seen with pillbillys and pillagers.
Don't let that kriddler touch your computer.

That television worked alright, but now only the A\V input works with no volume. It is a piece of shit. It has been kriddled.

I made the mistake of meeting the kriddlers at the compound.

Never loan a kriddler money. Never front a kriddler a bag.

Not all tweaks are kriddlers, but all kriddlers are tweaks.
by Tyler Eves August 12, 2010
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