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A Krestina is rare.
not a lot of people are named Krestina, usually just Kristina/Christina
a Krestina is:
Funny, weird, (A person named "Abby" is ALWAYS their bff, she dosnt have a lot of friends. but if she did. they would see how amazing she truly is!
and she is VERY lazy.
anyone who met her. never wanted to go away from her.
sure, she can be a pain in the butt. but she's somebody you wont regret meeting
if you meet a Krestina. never loss her or break up with her.
or she will brutally murder you

(and when somebody cusses, she cant bear to cry)
boy: ugh I hate you
Krestina: *starts tearing up*
boy: what the f*ck..
Krestina: *cries*
by Joe+Angel October 09, 2016
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