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A new country in the Balkan Peninsula. Declared Independence from serbia on February 17, 2008, after many many years of fighting against fucking serbia.
Kosova is the greatest country alive with the greatest people, except for the serbian asses who wont leave and think that Kosova is serbian....haha stupid idiots.
by shqipe April 03, 2008
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the proper, albanian word for kosovo
kosovo is just a word the rest of the world uses
for example ENGLAND is the word english speaking people use. other countries use different words.
and to all you hating racist people that seem to hate kosovo so much, stop and think. The only reason that "kosovans are beggars that take refuge in other countries" is because of all the serbians. if none of that bullshit happened then there wouldnt be such a problem. so stop hating on the kosovans and start hating on serbians.
AND all those dumb-ass people who say kosovans caused the violence can go and jump off a cliff. being a kosovan and having kosovan parents who lived through the problems i know the truth and so does every other kosovan. Milosejvic tried to wipe out everything to do with the true kosvo and albanian. they 1) tried to stop us speaking albanian or 2) they would close every school in kosovo. being the die-hard patriots we are we chose option 1.
AND also every kosovan knows that the crisis in kosova started well before it was on the news.
Dont get me wrong i have nothing against SERBIA
its YUGOSLAVIA that i hate.
but some serbians seem to be confused and hate kosovans, forgetting that they are serbian now, not yugoslavian.
Also, i think that Serbia and Kosova have the best family values these days. i would prefer seeing cousins and family rather than seeing friends. because i can have all the fun but with my family!!
so to all you kosovan hater and confused serbians..........
Mbylle gojen!!
Racist english person who cant accept kosova's difficult history but is starting to understand the truth: "stop comin in our country, even though you havent done anything wrong, even though i claim you use our money when actually you are forced to live in poor quality council flats and have old Volkswagen Golfs instead of our snazzy mercedes and bmws..."
by *Kosovo is not serbain* December 02, 2006
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