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Is a sexy bitch yet she's shy, will be successful like it or not with you or not, had a big hear and says it's fine even if it's not. Dosent accept people being mad or upset for no reason
Damn you should be a koral
by Sexyscumbag January 27, 2017
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the most amazing person that has ever lived, she’s not only the most beautiful girl in the world she’s honestly just the best she’s the an awesome bestfriend or the best one you can ask. she’s a keeper, not only do you just stare in her eyes and pause but when she’s gone you wish you can go back and and take every second to stay with her. she has an obsession with chapstick and has your back always. she’s filled with love and compassion. you would want to be koral. korals just the one, not one of a kind but just the one on the top of everything and everyone. and even if you’re being an ass to her she’ll still be that amazing, generous, careful, absolutely beautiful and breath taking (for real though like deadass) person to be with, we all love koral. but i do the most.
“who’s that?”
“that’s my koral”
by swaedrew July 24, 2019
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The worn reddish colour of the bricks used in council estate houses
The sun glinted off the cheap koral bricks showing just how tired and run down the buildings were.
by Redcat6 September 28, 2017
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