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a burn out.
someone who has abused an herbal subasatnce so much that they can no longer function right in society.
a person that can contribute nothing to societey and will live with their parents for the rest of their miserable lives.
ussually ugly and not very gracefull.
That kid has failed the 10th grade for the 3rd time now. He is definatly a kokal.
by chester falubaloo April 09, 2009
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anything bad, terrible.
when someone makes a really terrible decision.
something no one likes or wants to do.
This research paper is so kokal.

"OMG, look at that girl with her yellow teeth and manbrows, she's so kokal."
by uhm, hi. December 03, 2006
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snitching or betraying.
horrible, terrible.
hideous, fugly.
stupid, no brains.
dreadful, awful.
Kokal's think they have friends but in reality they don't, and probably hate their own lives too.
Most Kokal's also need to fall off cliffs.
Kokal's also need to learn how to keep their mouths shut.
"OMG, that girl over there, with the buck teeth and comb-over is so Kokal!"

"What? She's so Kokal. She told Faye that I hooked up with her boyfriend. Friends don't snitch."
by i'm friggen amazing<3 December 03, 2006
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