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A Koerber is a drug induced paranoid scisophrenic tattle tail. They became delusional nervous and irrational upon the introduction of any kind of mind/mood altering substance into the bloodstream.
We smoked just a few hits with that shit, a this Koerber starts chasing down cops cars waving tlfor help he said we were paid to murder and then he tarted jerking off In the bushes.
by Dick Shinairie October 26, 2015
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Koerber: (n.) Noun
Someone who can't handle their drugs, even the smallest amount of any recreational substance induces paranoia psychosis
Koeber (n.) Noun:
Bro, I wouldn't smoke any dope with that guy Shawn, one hit and hell flip his shit. I heard he's a Koerber.

Koerberd (adj.) Adjective
I gave Shawn one blast and he was straight up Koerberd, started waving down cops thinking I was an assassin sent to kill him.
by Dick Shinairie October 14, 2015
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