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a sexually frustrated inadequate male,normally with no girlfriend, who sniffs womens dirty underwear for sexual thrills
Aubrey: "hey, did you hear about Trevor? He got caught going through Cheryl's dirty laundry basket!"
Solly "yeh, I heard! that guys a perv! what a knicker sniffer!"
by mingemuncher September 21, 2009
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A lower status male who believes that by perpetually following around a group of girls he will eventually see some action. Ultimatly banished to "lets-just-be-friends" land. See also Chirag Parmar.
Yo chirag you're not gonna get any by continually going to fez with the girls. Stop being a knicker sniffer and come to cindies with us instead and get some!!!
by AndyJack October 11, 2005
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Someone who snoops around in your Facebook account with the sole purpose of secret snooping. They never like any of your posts or rarely communicate with you. They snoop for gossip purposes.
I have been informed that someone who I have befriended on Facebook and who never communicates through my Facebook is commenting to others about entries on my Facebook account. They are just Knicker sniffers.
by Woodelby December 24, 2017
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