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A person (often white, often male) who reeks of privilege but is clueless about it, and makes arrogant, sweeping, offensively stereotyped statements about huge groups of people about whom he knows nothing in an attempt to sound like "deep thinker" or some kind of intellectual. Craves media attention and thinks that all black people are male and all feminists are rich and white. From n.: Alex Knepper, douchebag who famously caused a stir at American University by claiming that "date rape is an incoherent concept."
This knepper in my class didn't know anything about the civil rights movement but he wouldn't shut up about it until he pissed everybody in the group off and we ended up wasting the whole study session.
by Valkyrie607 April 05, 2010
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1.The coolest kids on their block fa sho!
I wanna do all the guy kneppers
2.A place where you go if u finna get crunk..or wanna play halo :p
That Johnny knepper is a babe, i think im gunna do him in basement

Dude, i went to the kneppers house and had a 8 person orgy in joyce's room!
by Hinsdale Central student..115 January 21, 2005
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1) Noun; A name given to an individual who holds the highest position of an organization, and then goes absent without leave, or AWOL, and never returns to finish the duties and responsibilities he or she was elected to do.

2) Verb; Used to describe a situation where someone messes up or fails to complete a job and then leaves the mess for someone else to clean up.
1) X: Can you please Shawn left like that with all this work to do!?
Y: No I can't, he is such a knepper.

2) Nick's work on this project sucks! He really kneppered that up big time.
by thebig6ofwagion December 31, 2010
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