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A Beautiful smart girl. She's creative and uses her imagination a lot. She slays 24/7. She's not afraid to say what is on her mind. She has a nice personality. She can be mean but most of the time she's nice. She does not like to be rushed. She takes her time. She's a real person. She doesn't let people down or doesn't like to be let down. She loves sleep and food. She can go physco sometimes. She hates fake people. She's a great friend and amazing person! She makes friends wherever she goes. She likes to get her ways but when she doesn't she does not care. She's very attractive. If something doesn't go as planned she may catch a tempur. She doesn't like sudden change. She is very UNIQUE ~ one of a kind.
Who that's?

KMahria, my bestfriend. Meet her she's a nice person.
by Miyuhna May 20, 2018
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