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A woman (girl) who is very cool,very pretty, and has the surprising ability to do tomboy type activities while still remaining unusually feminine and "hot".
Dude, check that girl out over there with the pickup truck! She's super hot, must be a kittydog!
by Baller7777 December 27, 2008
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1: Dude, I just walked in on my parents.
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Kittydog is a teenage girl who is a bisexual, dishonorable, simple-bitch furry that makes animation memes for a living as well with drawing under aged furry porn who will eventually be screaming like a little bitch, who is a little bitch, as soon as the U.S Federal Bureau of Investigation raids her house and puts her in the State of Incarceration. At the same time, she'd probably gonna get her anus destroyed by other predator furries there, and the Department of Corrections will be having a bad day trying to put them in Solitary.

Her character is simply a kitty and a dog combined that sometimes have wings. I say this is some SCP Foundation shit because its a kitty dog that is abnormal and mutated, and its probably a breached keter. It's a Mega Furry.

When made with contact either by watching her videos or see her irl, either three things will happen:
1) Fans that are furries praise her as a God, and sets up an imaginary date with Kittydog or creates fan fictions that are as bad as Sonic FanFics.
2) Its so cringy till the point you call Iraq Suicidal CRISIS Hotline, and you'd get hired to fly a plane or a truck. Commonly dank memers rather than animation memers.
3) Its so bad as her hairline, you join the Furry Slayer 5000, hunt her down, and sell the dead kittydog to a local asian market.

To protect yourself from Kittydog, simply hire a Furry Slayer 5000, live near an asian, or put bear traps as well with Anti Furry posters all over your resident.
*Searches Kittydog Porn*
*Searches how old is Kittydog*
*Google Chrome: 15 Years Old*
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by ThisDude_MustDie December 10, 2018
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