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unable to lose, does not know how to fail. Will conquer all enemy's with ease.
Tay: I want to be Kit Fisto

Andy: i Lost.
by 26golf May 14, 2009
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At its height, the Jedi order encompassed hundreds of different species, all strong in the Force. Kit Fisto is a striking example of an alien Jedi, with large, unblinking eyes, and a gathered tangle of flexible tentacle-tresses extending from his head. The mighty warrior not only advised the highest office of the Republic, but was also part of the Jedi taskforce assembled by Mace Windu to rescue captives from the Separatist stronghold on Geonosis.

Fisto fought well against the Geonosian and battle droid forces, being one of the few Jedi to survive the extended melee within the carved walls of the execution arena. He effortlessly carved his way through wave after wave of battle droids, on his lips a gently humorous smile as though the horrific battle were only some friendly jest. When Republic reinforcements arrived to spark the first battle of the epic Clone Wars, Fisto led a special unit of clone troopers into the thick of the conflict.

An amphibious Nautolan from the Sabilon region of watery Glee Anselm, Fisto had head tentacles that contained highly sensitive olfactory receptors, allowing him to detect pheromonal expressions of emotion and other changes in body chemistry. Fisto could live in air or in water. He was an extremely powerful swimmer, and honed his Jedi abilities to take advantage of his aquatic origins. He had perfected difficult Force techniques that manipulated the movement of water for defensive or offensive use.

A Jedi Master of renown, Fisto served as mentor to the Mon Calamari pupil, Eerin Bant, former Padawan of the late Master Tahl. Fisto was also co-leader of a Jedi task force that saw the vanquishing of the Iridium pirates in the Atrivis sector. During the Clone Wars, General Kit Fisto's aquatic prowess led to his command of the Mon Calamari campaign. He led local Mon Cal forces partnered with Republic clone sea troopers in battling the Separatist-backed Quarren Isolationist League. Fisto would later be involved in engagements on Devaron and Ord Cestus.

Though a radical combatant with unorthodox fighting methods, Fisto is conservative-minded when it comes to galactic politics. His close friendship and concern for fellow Jedi Aayla Secura occasionally pressed against the rules against attachment. They shared a deep respect for one another that, had they been outside the Jedi order, perhaps may have evolved into something else.

Fisto was one of a group of Jedi Masters gathered together by Mace Windu to arrest Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. The Jedi barged into Palpatine's most private offices. Mace attempted to arrest the Chancellor, but Palpatine sprang into action. Brandishing a lightsaber, Palpatine dropped the guise of harmless politician and emerged as deadly Sith Lord. After an epic duel with the Dark Lord, Master Windu loyally at his side and utilizing such moves as the patented squid-tangle spin, Kit Fisto was struck down, although it was not a fatal blow.
That one Jedi with dreadlocks who smiled in Episode II and fought Palpatine in Episode III...that's Kit Fisto.
by Justin D. White February 22, 2006
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