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Kirti will always be there for you no matter because she/he has a lot to offer. Though a kirti looses trust easily, when you have that trust they will be loving, caring, and loyal throughout the rest of time. Kirti's very hard working but can sometimes be self-centered. Overall, a kirti is a wonderful person to have in your life.
"Wow! I'm proud of you for being such a Kirti"
by BeeHappy June 28, 2017
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Kirti is a short, scary and intimidating person. Although she's scary at times, she is also charming, sweet and lovable. If you have a Kirti in your life be sure to treat her right because she looses trust. She trusts people easily but if you hurt her she will cut you off like you're nothing. She hides her feelings. Overall Kirti is amazing and if you know one, hug her and tell her how you much you love her the next time you see her because it'll make her day.
Ahh Kirti you're the bestttt
by HiSistersIt'sMeJames September 17, 2018
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3 extremly random yet COOL person! If you know a Kirti, you will love her! She may be loud and short and random.. but so what? You're a loser!
She was so Kirti today! I loved it!
by Ani April 08, 2005
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small annoying dirty minded person often referred to as a freak, wierdo or umpa lumpa. has wierd cravings and is easily excited by things such as B-O and soggy biscuits!
look at that kirti! shes such a short wierd thing.
by Divyesh April 19, 2007
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