Also, kype.

1. To steal, pilfer, or swipe something of small value, e.g. a candy bar or some other commonly shop-lifted item.

If fading use. primarily regional to the American Paific Northwest. From the Old English "kip", menaing "to snatch" or "to take hold of". Probably originally from the Old Norse "kippa", meaning to "to snatch", "to tug on", or "to pull on".
Jesse kiped some Pabst from the store while we distracted the clerk.
by mrtoodles June 19, 2004
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Kipe means to steal, snatch or have something accidentally taken.
Dude, Sean kiped my lighter, again!
by JennyJenJens July 20, 2011
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Commonly referred to as the best and undefeated level 39 twink character in the popular MMO game, "World of Warcraft"
Made famous by his videos, depicting him as a level 39 hunter showing off his kiting skills against opponents many levels above him, and beating them with ease.

Kipe invented a new kiting technique (or a way of moving your avatar away from the enemy and attacking your enemy, while avoiding being hit yourself.) The technique involves sideways strafe movements using the Q and E keys and Space bar, and then turning the mouse so that the character faces about 180 degrees different from his jumping position. He calls this technique "Kipe"

The Kipe technique makes Hunter World of Warcraft PvP videos more interesting because you can always see what the enemy is doing, while also showing off the skill required to master the Kipe technique.
That hunter kites like Kipe.

That hunter is Kipeing.

The Kipe technique allows you to always keep sight of your opponent.

Kipe, THE level 39.
by Avataroh39 June 1, 2009
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a rip off, hosing, a dishonest transaction on the person giving (the kiper), taken advantage of on price
1. car dealer took made the car cost 5000 dollars more than they agreed too

2. "the guy at the mattress store said the mattress would be 400 but he tried to charge me 550, what a kipe job!"
by johnasht July 5, 2013
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To keep
you just have to kipe 500 dollars from the bank!!!
by illybilly February 20, 2014
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