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Adv. A TERM used to describe somone (usually a girl) who goes above and beyond trying to be scene. He or she usually spends countless hours on myspace, posting bulletins about how often they go to Hot Topic or whenever they take a shower. Theyy usually talkkk likee thisss, but use proper spelling as a way to seem dignified. Here are ways to see if your friend is a kiomi:
-he/she goes to hot topic and doesnt ever buy anything
-he/she wears a "cute" little pink bow on their hair
-myspace. myspace. bulletins. holy fuck no one cares about your god damn life!
-talk about cute little stuffed animals that have gore related to them
-listen to grindcore and that stuff that barely passes as music in an attempt to be different, when all the other people he or she knows listens to the same exact bands
-i could go on with this, but i won't..

Kiomi's are also attention whores, trying their best to get the highest status in the hallways by wearing rediculous clothes, and more recently, suspenders stolen from Larry King.
girl: omgashhh i just bought like a tonnn of extensionss from hot topic and a cute boww im so cutee

guy: wow stop being such a kiomi no one cares and you fail at making fashion statements

girl: ughh bitchh i hate you im telling my scene friends about this

guy: ok? lol
by Juliotheskater801256 January 22, 2009
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