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Noun, A Kint is a person. You can also refer the person to be a kint. The word orginiated at Leeming high school in the year 2005. Student's used it in class instead of the word cunt, so that they didn't get kicked out of class or in trouble.
One would say, Oi Kint get the fuck over here! or, Hey is that Savy Kint? or, Pass me the ball you Kint.
by Sav Ferraro January 31, 2008
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Kai-(i)nt /Noun/

1.) Ordering a large drink but receiving more ice than soda from a fast food place. The soda is usually less than or equal to a pint. While you look at the ice you didn't order you think the employee who did this is an absolute Dipshit.

2.) Combination of the word 'pint' and 'cunt'
"I've only had 3 sips and the soda is already half gone. My cup is brimmed with ice. This mother fucking kint!"
by Derpy Einstein December 14, 2016
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A word used when you are hinting you want sex, me and my partner came up with the word while hinting about sex
"All night she was dropping kints, they dtf"
by Alyx Hassain September 07, 2017
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