A new gang based in washington heights but has spread over Long island in recent years. They are known to be an extremely violent gang. It is a mostly African American gang but have recently started recruting hispanic males. They are known to violently attack anyone they have a problem with without warning.They are growing at an alarming rate and have been known to open fire on crip gang members.They cross out c's with k's similar to bloods. In 2004 their Leader (Klokes)Was shot outside of his apartment in washington heights. Since then his son has taken over. Street kingZ is a new gang that has established a reputation on the street as "Og's" For they have gained respect from hoods all around NY they are still a somewhat unknown gang.
Damn homie THose street kingz Dudes aint messing around

Yeah dogg They just blasted on some crips

Ever since klokez got shot up theybeen runnin wild
by Road Dogg November 24, 2006
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The most Violent Gang to come out of Washington heights since the 8th st boys. They are currently in a war with The crips in the southside. They are an extremely Violent street gang due to the Legendary Drug dealer Fidel Cashflow Supplying them with military stage weapons Including Ak-47's TEc9 Uzi's and even grenade launchers have been confiscated by the NYPD from street kingZ gang members. The Street KingZ Were originally started in 1999 in brooklyn but across town there was a similar gang. The two gangs had a meeting and started the street kingZ. The street KingZ have been known to Violently attack Family members of anyone they see as a "liability" For this they have gained respect but also fear in communities.
Street kingZ have been known to have "Cap Blu's" as an initiation which is killing a cop.Fellow members refer to themselves as "King".
Ayo Wadup King?

Chillen homeboi bout ready to roll on some krabs

Aight first we gotta get that shipment of rackets'

by JStar November 30, 2006
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One of the fastest growing street gangs in Washington heights and LI.
Its divided into Several sets
Nk- Nassua kingz
OGK-Original Gangster Kingz (heightz G-town Azone Lone Park)
BLN Deuce Set (original roosevelt set)
EHK-East Heel Kingz
123eck-123rd East coast kingz
KOB-Kingz of baldwin (original baldwin set)

Street kingZ is ruling niggas

Damn straight they got they sets banging

All they niggas put in werk Zeek,Tye,buccshot,Joker,Cakez(tha lil kid),Money LX,Benny
by Heightz solja November 25, 2006
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A motorcycle club that was originated by 2 brothers in New Jersey in 2006 and grew to have Chapters in Florida, Texas and New York within 2 years.its sole purpose was for a new era of motorcyclist who enjoy the ride with an unorthodox method in motorcycle clubbing, its own way of bringing people together. Its more than just a club, its a family of brothers and sisters by choice that share the same will and love to ride. They share the same cockiness in life and carry on as rulers of there surrounding rhelm "street" and for that have taken the name ass Street Kingz. They have events that take place ever so often as a family and are into putting and helping out the community. Continues to grow and coming to a city near you.
Street Kingz Motorcycle Club
Street Kingz MC
by King of Kingz September 24, 2008
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two young latino teens Raf300 & M.I.G. from alexandria,va started a hip hop group called nova kingz. they put out a mixtape in 2008.
known for the "Mary Jane" song
damn them niggas in nova kingz is dope as shit
by hiphopNY December 07, 2010
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One of the biggest gangs in the Washington heights area of New York.They are also in Nassua County long island. they fued with Crips. their main color is Black and their number is 4 this represents the 4 original sets.
If u are living in the washington heights area. U are 79% likely to be in street kingz.
by Rockstarz April 11, 2007
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