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a neighborhood in the bronx that is home to a fuckload of dominicans. this neghborhood is famous for tire slashings and pitbull wannabes. many of kingsbridge's residents blast reggaeton at any time possible, no matter how inappropriate. a favorite food is mufungo, a terrible dominican dish that gives women humungous asses.
person 1: "hey you wanna go to kingsbridge?"
person 2: "no way, it smells like mufungo... gross."
by glewis April 20, 2010
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the king of the bridge, on top of water, connecting 2 bodies of water....going places in life...
Verazzano Bridge, NYC, is Kingsbridge to Everyone...
by blthrskt July 05, 2007
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A very dirty place in the Bronx. Which has bad chemicals in the air. People from Kingsbridge Are dirty and pussy . There is an epidemic going there . Everyone in Kingsbridge Is sick due to it being a Contaminated Area . Musty Crusty Dusty is a deadly disease in Kingsbridge and we are working on it finding a cure stay safe .
I was walking thru Kingsbridge and there was a family of rats in the basic footwear and the boy ray was trying on some new Jordan's
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by Thebozo January 04, 2018
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