the king of the bridge, on top of water, connecting 2 bodies of water....going places in life...
Verazzano Bridge, NYC, is Kingsbridge to Everyone...
by blthrskt July 5, 2007
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A very dirty place in the Bronx. Which has bad chemicals in the air. People from Kingsbridge Are dirty and pussy . There is an epidemic going there . Everyone in Kingsbridge Is sick due to it being a Contaminated Area . Musty Crusty Dusty is a deadly disease in Kingsbridge and we are working on it finding a cure stay safe .
I was walking thru Kingsbridge and there was a family of rats in the basic footwear and the boy ray was trying on some new Jordan's
by Thebozo January 3, 2018
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Better known as RKA 141, Ratchet Kid Academy, or Retarded Kid Academy by some. Consists of countless treeshes, fuckboys, thots, more treeshes, staircases for weed smoking and dick sucking, juul rooms (what even is a bathroom sksjsj). Everyone wants to be hood and act like they’re about it when they literally live in Pussy ass Riverdale. The auditorium hasn’t been renovated in years, and everyone knows where the money to fix it really goes 👀👀.
“Why does that group of kids over there act like they wanna be hardcore or some shit?”
“They’re from Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy.”
“Oh, you mean RKA! Lol”
by beckfis March 11, 2019
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the worst fucking school on the planet, fights everywhere…People fighting with their 1 centimeter defeater, “BBC”, ensar, york, ilia, dimash, Mr reingold spits in his microphone, Mr baker itching his balls, Plus tye food is trash
I hate Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy
by rka class 6/11 February 17, 2022
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