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king of the castle:sex on a tower, or other high structure with one or both people wearing a BK crown and afterwards exclaiming"KING OF THE CASTLE!"

also usually the "female" is bent over the side
man!poets seat tower is a perfect place to play king of the castle at night!
by Keekers October 01, 2007
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A lucky player in an over-comfortable pictorial pose with two or more females surrounding him on a couch, sofa or bed. Usually meant for Facebook status updates, the male subject occupies much more space than what he requires with his arms closely wrapped around the female "conquests", exercising his property rights over them.
Did you get a chance to meet Keith in Thailand?

He was surrounded by five or six new girlfriends. I didn't want to ruin his King of the Castle moment.
by Guru Gulab Khatri October 28, 2013
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