A 750ml bottle of beer.
taking its name from one of our larger, beautiful & highly venomous snakes, The King Brown.
Also see wife beater
Fuck me & some M8s got stuck into the king browns last night fuck I was pissed & feel a bit seedy today
by earthlover42 June 27, 2005
Someone would say: the other day I ate 5 pizzas and I did a massive shit the following morning, it was a king brown!!!
by The Typical Aussie Bloke July 15, 2009
Brown King is a Chicano Rapper out of the Inland Empire. He is an ex-thug who is now serving Jesus and is now rapping for the King of King's. Brown King has a few haters that hide behind the internet but have NEVER confronted him face to face. AND NEVER WILL...
Hey look! There's Brown King let's diss him... naw, I'd rather hide behind a computer screen...
by the_realest July 12, 2019
The lost, now found, ancient Holy Hood Bible commissioned by King James Brown, The First (I) that contains the raw thoughts of Hood Niggaz who have lived throughout history--and left their wisdom in order that the new Nigga of today may survive in Whitey's world unscathed. The Book of Niggamaste is its main Scroll. See niggamaste niggadom.
1st Nigga: "Remember what the ancient hood prophets said in the good hood book about priorities?

2nd Nigga: "Nah, I dont. I grew up in the suburbs."

1st Nigga: "Well, it says Seek Ye first the Niggadom and everything else will be added unto you, My Nigga.
That's in found in the Book of Niggamaste 6:33. The King James Brown Version."

2nd Nigga: Holy Shit!

1st Nigga: Nah, Holy REAL Shit, My Nigga.
by DuVay Knox November 4, 2018
Breshaun Brown or best known as Breshaun Brown King Fresh is a American rapper from Westmoreland,Va
Breshaun Brown or best known as Breshaun Brown King Fresh is a American rapper from Westmoreland,Va.
by Breshaun Brown King Fresh October 18, 2019
The act of copping or handing out a deadly blow to the back of the head, almost always lethal
King brown sit down, back of the head now ya fuckin dead

Rito who wants a filthy king brown to the back of the head? Get in quick cunts they’re goin like hot cakes!
by Jerome Saffy December 5, 2019