4 definitions by The Typical Aussie Bloke

Finely granulated shit in the form of shale which has settled at the bottom of the toilet for a while which has hardened into a form of slate, hence shate. This can be seen in some toilets as it's known to be unflushable without the help of a toilet brush and some people don't bother cleaning their toilets so they have shate forming on the bowl.
Someone would say, "does that guy ever clean his toilet, the bowl is encrusted with shate!"
by The Typical Aussie Bloke July 26, 2009
A slang adjective for a glob of snot from one's nose as it bares resemblance to Ausssie brand Clag glue.
Someone would say "I'm just getting over my cold and I have been blowing clags and clags of snot out of my nose all day"
by The Typical Aussie Bloke June 6, 2009
The lint from your underpants that gets caught between your butt crack and cemented together by sweat and natural body grease concentrated around that area.
Someone would say: Every time I have a shower and watch my butt crack I get bum fodder on the washer.
by The Typical Aussie Bloke June 28, 2009
Someone would say: the other day I ate 5 pizzas and I did a massive shit the following morning, it was a king brown!!!
by The Typical Aussie Bloke July 15, 2009