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She is the sweetest, kindest, and generous person I've met. She usually has brown hair with blonde streaks and brown eyes. She usually works at a fast food place like Subway, and denies her relationship with a certain brunette boy. Kinderly usually has four siblings, excluding a foreign exchange student. However, what many might not know is that Kinderly is extremely kinky and loves foot sucking, rubber wearing, pee on me, fruit-fuckin, candle wax dripping, long fingernail scraping, tossed salad eatin, multiple partner having, she-male, oil drenched, chocolate sauce, whipped cream covered, vibrator using, dressed up, band in thirty states type of sex. She is bossy and conceited, and doesn't know how to give a proper blow job.
"Wow, you're so nice! Don't turn into a Kinderly."
by cum-sucker-6969666 May 04, 2017
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